Jozé’s Chambers, College Green

Jozé’s Chambers, 15 College Green, Dublin 2

This very important and thriving business was started in 1852, and, during the past thirty-four years, has formed for itself a wide-spreading connection in the wholesale and retail drug trade.

Industries of Dublin, c.1887

Brothers, John and Thomas Moran Jozé, were proprietors of Jozé & CoManufacturing and Dispensing Chemists, Wholesale Druggists, Oil and Colour Merchants. Their business premises were located at 24 Dame Street, 38 Arran Quay (where they also lived) and later at 15 College Green (pictured).

Jozé’s was a well-known Dublin pharmaceutical company. Along with a team of chemists, they prepared their own medicines, tonics, ointments and pills, as seen in this advertisement from The Leinster Express, 11 February 1893.

The Leinster Express, 11 February 1893
The Leinster Express, 11 February 1893

The 1901 Census tells us that the Jozés were from County Mayo and neither had married. They were living at 38 Arran Quay which also housed their warehouses, stores, and laboratory.

1901 Census
1901 Census

John Jozé died in 1905. His younger brother, Thomas Moran Jozé, continued running the business until he was killed during the Easter Rising in May 1916, as he walked to his home to Arran Quay. The Cork Examiner (4 May 1916) notes that:

Mr Jozé was afflicted with deafness, and it is supposed that he did not hear the challenge of the rebel sentry, who fired upon him.



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