South Great George’s Street

For a relatively short street, South Great George’s Street makes a big visual impact. For a long time, it was a key shopping street in Dublin. In recent years however, independent Irish businesses have moved out and fast food restaurants, convenience stores and a homewares chain have taken up residence. Look closely though and you’ll still find some long-standing Irish owned businesses.

This week’s virtual tour looks more closely at South Great George’s Street starting close to Rick’s Burgers on Dame Street and heading south towards Stephen Street before turning around and coming back down George’s Street. This post ends up at the old Burton building (now a Spar) opposite Rick’s.

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This post is part of the weekly ‘Streets of Dublin’ series that I am doing in 2019. A new post will be published each weekend.

Each week will focus on a new street & will take a look behind its signs. If there’s a street that you’d like to contribute to, please get in touch.

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