Twomey’s, Dublin 6 | Dublin Ghost Signs

Twomey's | Dublin Ghost Signs

Twomey’s, 159 Lower Kimmage Road, Dublin 6

This ghost sign was recently uncovered in Kimmage, Dublin 6. Many people on Instagram & Twitter were intrigued by by the sign, especially the mention of “High Class”.

Dublin Ghost Signs

A small investigation online led to the sale notice for Twomey’s Home Bakery in the Businesses for Sale section of the Irish Independent, Wednesday, July 11 1979 (Irish Newspaper Archive).

Do you remember Twomey’s? Leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Twomey’s, Dublin 6 | Dublin Ghost Signs

    1. Hi,

      I lived in 164 Lower Kimmage road, directly opposite the centra. This end of terrace cottage has a cul de sac next to it. There are 8-10 houses in here. That’s where the bakery was. All that remains is a silver pole on the main road.
      David Behan.

      1. I also lived in 164 Lower Kimmage Road, until 1971. I remember that sign very well, and also Mrs. Twomey. She was a very kind woman, from Cork. I think she died in the late 50’s, I was a kid at the time.
        I remember more than one occasion hearing her indignantly declaring to a customer who asked for “a piece of gur cake”, that they were asking for “a fruit slice”

        Des Kavanagh

        1. Thanks Des – great memories! Interesting to hear that like myself, Mrs Twomey was from Cork!


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