The Ghost Signs of Ulysses | Dublin Ghost Signs

One of the most iconic ghost signs in Dublin is that of Finn’s Hotel on South Leinster Street, home of the infamous first meeting of James Joyce and Nora Barnacle in June 1904. Nora Barnacle worked as a chambermaid in Finn’s Hotel.  Joyce and Barnacle had their first date on 16 June 1904. This subsequently was the day on which Ulysses was set and is now celebrated annually as “Bloomsday”.


Another of the Dublin Ghost signs which features in Ulysses is “The Ormond Hotel”, the setting of Episode 11 – Sirens.

“Hello. Where off to? Something to eat? I too was just. In here. What, Ormond? Best value in Dublin. Is that so? Diningroom. Sit tight there. See, not be seen. I think I’ll join you. Come on. Richie led on. Bloom followed bag. Dinner fit for a prince.”


In Ulysses, Joyce also mentions a pub – “Mooney’s-en-ville” on Middle Abbey Street which I imagine was at the location of the following stone-carved sign:


“Mr Dedalus, famous father, laid by his dry filled pipe.

—I see, he said. I didn’t recognise him for the moment. I hear he is keeping very select company. Have you seen him lately?

He had.

—I quaffed the nectarbowl with him this very day, said Lenehan. In Mooney’s en ville and in Mooney’s sur mer. He had received the rhino for the labour of his muse.”

This wikibooks annotation would indicate that this is the same Mooney.

Have we missed any? Are there more Dublin Ghost Signs that were mentioned in Ulysses? If you think of any, add them in a comment below.



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