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St. Peter’s Bakery, Parnell Street, Dublin 1



20 June 2017

UCD’s Digital Library has added an extensive collection of over 600 photographs from the G. & T. Crampton construction company’s archives. The photographs were intended as a record of the building projects which the firm undertook rather than a formal archive. They cover a wide range of buildings including commercial buildings, shops, houses, hospitals, and factories.

I found a photo of St. Peter’s Bakery taken in 1907 as I browsed through the images today. I wonder who the boy in the photo was! Click the photo for a high res, zoomable image on the UCD Digital Collections website.

St Peter's Bakery | © UCD Digital
St Peter’s Bakery | © UCD Digital

“St Peter’s Bakery for Peter Kennedy esq.,” held by Assoc. Prof. Joseph Brady. © Unknown. Digital content by Dr. Joseph Brady, published by UCD Library, University College Dublin <>

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