Signs that are difficult to make out

On this page, I will post any signs that I find, but I can’t make out the text. If you have any ideas / memories of a particular sign, please let me know in the comments.

1. Crane Street, Dublin 8




2. Talbot Street, Dublin 1

To the right of “Chemists” below is a #DublinGhostSign which is tricky to make out.




3. Western Way, Dublin 7




4. Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7 



5. Berkeley Road, Dublin 7



6. Liffey Street, Dublin 1 

mostly obscured by the World Cup 2014 sign.



7. North Frederick Street, Dublin 1



8. Aungier Street, Dublin 2



9. The Doorstep of The Dice Bar, Queen Street, Dublin 7


10. Upper Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8



11. Fuel, Capel Street, Dublin 7




6 thoughts on “Signs that are difficult to make out

  1. Great pictures and just a Beautiful idea overall, the whole concept, beautifully executed, Love it! I’m following, and will be back for more. -Arran (Dublin, and Dublin Decoded tours)

      1. Great, I will! Look forward to it, as i said i think its a corking idea. Thanks for the follow too. Hope you find a few posts to interest you there as well. All the best- AQH.

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