The Sackville Lounge, Dublin 1 | Dublin Ghost Signs

The Sackville Lounge | Dublin Ghost Signs

The Sackville Lounge, Sackville Place, Dublin 1

The much-loved (and missed) Sackville Lounge closed its doors in early February 2017 when it was acquired as part of the Spire Portfolio. One year on, its doors remain closed and there’s very little activity along Sackville Place.

In the laneway alongside the Sackville Lounge, there’s an old ghost sign painted on the wall. This post outlines how we deciphered what the sign says & a quick Google search of a few combinations revealed that it is an old hand-painted sign for “HOYTE & SON”, a druggist located at 17 Sackville Street until it was reportedly destroyed during the Easter Rising of 1916.

I first noticed that sign when having a drink in the Sackville one evening. The side door was open and the floodlights were on, revealing what may be Dublin’s oldest ghost sign in the laneway.


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