Dublin signs which re-emerged in 2017

re-emerged 2017 | Dublin Ghost Signs

2017 was a busy year for re-emerging signs on Dublin’s streets. Some like Magnet, Keogh’s and the Homemade Candy Store only made a brief appearance, but luckily there were people there to snap them as they passed by.

Below is a selection of some of the signs that reappeared during the year. Links to the posts are below the gallery.

Can you think of any more?

Twomey’s, Harold’s Cross
Lincoln Place
Walshs, Capel Street
Dublin Clock Co., Arran Quay
M.Doran, South Great George’s Street
The Morris Wallpaper Store, Talbot Street
Lafayette, Wellington Quay
Pandora’s Box, Fairview
Homemade Candy Store, Stephen Street
Keogh’s, Fairview
Magnet, Dean Street
J. McDonnell, Camden Street
Rasher Byrnes, Templebar

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