Project Dublin Interview | #DublinGhostSigns

A few weeks ago, on a windy and rainy Saturday morning, I met up with Hannah Parkes from Project Dublin for a walking tour of some of Dublin’s ghost signs.

Hannah and I braved the elements as we strolled from the old Jacobs Biscuit Factory, down Georges Street to The Central Dairy, over to Palace Street where we admired the Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society, before heading to Castle Street to T.H. Barnwell and finally ending our journey on Parliament Street.

Hannah recorded our tour and captured some of the day to day things in the life of a ghost sign hunter – dodging traffic on busy streets, running down laneways and alleys, and spotting something new on a street you may have walked down many times. You can listen to the podcast on the Project Dublin website, where Dublin Ghost Signs is in some great company.

Thanks so much to Hannah for all her hard work on the interview – the wind and traffic in the recordings caused a big challenge in the editing studio. We hope you like it!

Emma from Dublin Ghost Signs and Hannah from Project Dublin
Emma from Dublin Ghost Signs and Hannah from Project Dublin

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