Hoyte & Son, Sackville Place

Today I met fellow ghost sign hunter & author of Ghost Signs of Dublin, Antonia Hart & we ended up chatting about a recent ghost sign I found and posted on Instagram (above).

The sign can be found in the laneway at the side of the Sackville Lounge pub on Sackville Place. We both agreed that the sign looked like “HOSTEL” until a closer look at some of the other photos showed an ampersand and what looked like “SON”.

Hoyte & Son, Dublin Ghost Signs
_H O _ T E & S O N, Dublin Ghost Signs

A quick Google search of a few combinations showed that it is probably an old sign for “HOYTE & SON” which was a druggist located at 17 Sackville Street until it was reportedly destroyed during the Easter Rising of 1916.

An image search resulted in this from Dublin City Library and Archive‘s Mr Dixon’s Business Collection.

Dixon Hoyte & Son. Image courtesy of Dublin City Library
Dixon Hoyte & Son. Image courtesy of Dublin City Library

That image originally comes from The Industries of Dublin which was published in 1887 and is available to view / download on the Internet Archive.

There’s definitely a bigger story here and I wonder whether this might be one of Dublin’s oldest handpainted ghost signs.

Stay tuned while we try to figure it out!

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