Guardian Witness Readers’ Assignment: Ghost Signs

Dublin Ghost Signs

A recent Guardian Witness Readers’ Assignment sought to gather photos of ghost signs from its readers around the world. The readers’ assignments are an interesting use of crowdsourcing to gather photographs on all sorts of topics.

Arko Amusements | Dublin Ghost Signs
Arko Amusements | Dublin Ghost Signs

Obviously, the topic of ghost signs appealed and I eagerly uploaded some #DublinGhostSigns photographs using the online form. However, the platform itself isn’t the most user-friendly – there is no notification to indicate whether the photo was uploaded successfully and once you’ve submitted an image, you relinquish control over it and its associated metadata.

All of this is outlined in the T&Cs. What isn’t outlined, however, is the pipeline that is followed by Guardian Witness once the photographs are uploaded (or at least I couldn’t find an explanation of this). The #DublinGhostSigns photos disappeared into a black hole for 4 days, with no notification once they finally became publicly visible. As a crowdsourcing platform, it doesn’t really foster a sense of community among its user-base.

Did you submit any ghost signs photos to this Guardian Witness assignment? How did you find it? Leave a link in the comments below.

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