Dublin Japan Works, Dublin 7 | Dublin Ghost Signs

Dublin Japan Works, Bolton Street, Dublin 7

Dublin Japan Works | Dublin Ghost Signs



I never would have spotted this unless @InkTonic had tweeted it.  I was on the look out, but to no avail. Then one day, I walked a different route home, looked up, and saw it. Beautiful.

Check out this tweet from @justineleonard for photos N.J. King’s enamel sign made by the Dublin Japan Works. Photos from 1950s, 1988 and today:


One thought on “Dublin Japan Works, Dublin 7 | Dublin Ghost Signs

  1. I have a sign made by this company for SULLIVAN’S Ales
    Recovered in 1980s from the River Nore
    Brewery ceased trade c 1918 , I am involved with its “resurrection” as a brewing company .
    Would be great to know if the sign can be dated somehow

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