Amiens Street

Amiens Street runs south from The Five Lamps (where it meets the North Strand Road, Portland Row, Seville Place and Killarney Street) to the IFSC (International Financial Services Centre). It is a busy street as it is home to Connolly Station and it is one of the main traffic routes in north Dublin.

This week’s virtual tour is inspired by the two walking tours I took last week as part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival. The festival takes place in Spring each year in the north east inner city & it gets its name from The Five Lamps statue on Amiens Street.

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This post is part of the weekly ‘Streets of Dublin’ series that I am doing in 2019. A new post will be published each weekend.

Each week will focus on a new street & will take a look behind its signs. If there’s a street that you’d like to contribute to, please get in touch.

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