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There are times when I am unsure as to whether a sign should be posted or not – take the following examples:

Guiney’s on Talbot Street – Guiney’s is still an operating business, but they vacated a building on Talbot Street and left the sign:


The Ambassador Cinema on Parnell Street – is still a venue, but no longer a cinema. The sign remains on the side (the front sign is mostly covered):

The Ambassador | Dublin Ghost Signs

Edmund Ross Photographer on Grafton Street.  Again, this business continues to operate, but at a different premises:


I think it is worthwhile to record these as Ghost Signs, despite the fact that the businesses still operate in some shape or form.  I am happy to hear feedback on this via the comments below or by another means of contact.

2 thoughts on “More information

  1. I think that the trading status of the business is something of a red herring. My main interest is in the signs painted on brick and now fading. There are many of these for brands that are very much still with us but where the sign is now fading and ghostly e.g. Hovis, Bovril, Gillette, BP. This is a personal point of view and one that often stimulates long debates among ghostsigns enthusiasts.

    1. Thanks Sam. That’s a very interesting point and has given me food for thought. I suppose this collection stretches the definition of ‘ghost sign’ as it is not limited to advertising signs painted on brick. As it goes on, it is turning into more of a catalogue of signs and buildings that are no longer in use – including of course, some of the more traditional hand-painted advertisements that you describe.

      I’ve looked through the examples of Dublin Ghost Signs in your archive ( and see what you mean. I’m going to mull it over a bit more.

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